Internet Resources


    The following websites and links have been provided by our members for sharing with other teachers.

    Mandarin and Chinese Culture McDonalds Chinese New Year ads featuring 'Nian' shared by Nhu Trinh a Chinese name for your students shared by Maggie Gu. Electronic dictionary shared by Maggie Gu. Character - Pinyin converter shared by Maggie Gu. Webtools for teaching Chinese shared by Maggie Gu. set of great looking photos from around China on flickr shared by Maggie Gu. A good general New Year site with lots of resources to download and print shared by Maggie Gu. Make your own character practicing worksheets Cost: USD10/year shared by Maggie Gu. Edmodo is an online resource and could be used in a classroom setting. It has been used in the classrooms across all subjects in all parts of the world. You can create your own group as a class. You can give assignments and tasks on line. Students can post photos, comments, video clips and share information with each other. You need to search Edmodo through google search and register first then create your groups/classes. It is safe because it has group code for only the people you select. You can delete unwanted members and edit their postings. You need to warn them about sending responsible and respectable material to the group/class space. It is also good to send a letter home informing parents of this group space to seek their support (shared by Joseph Sun). Online dictionary shared by Joseph Sun. Happy Chinese shared by Joseph Sun. Add Pinyin to characters and annotate characters and phrases shared by Joseph Sun Karen Wang, Laura Kildea & Don Bull from Highgate Primary have a Chinese Moodle where they post activities, information and resources for our students and families. They are happy to share this with other Chinese teachers. Please note some of it is old, some new, but there may be some useful resources for fellow colleagues. It is updated from time to time with new items. Click on the Chinese icon. There is no password for entry.