Upper Primary Resources

The movie CJ7 Task Sheet (from Nhu Trinh)

The movie CJ7 Role Play (from Nhu Trinh)

Grammar Mat (from Nhu Trinh)

The movie Panda Back Home Task Sheet (from Nhu Trinh)

Year 7 Speaking Assessment (from Nhu Trinh)

Noun and Verb (from Nhu Trinh)

The movie 跑吧孩子 Task sheet 1(from Nhu Trinh)

Chinese TV Show "Dad where are we going" worksheet (from Heng Wang)

"Dad, where are we going" was one of the most popular reality TV shows in China in 2013. The show followed five celebrity dads, who attempted to look after their children single-handed as they travel to rural places. I used this resource to help students to practice the words and sentence patterns around the topics of "family, personality adjectives, age and name". It can also be used to discuss some cultural differences that students could notice from the show.